School Counselor


These days, the role of the school counsellor is multifaceted and may vary greatly, depending on the requirements of both the department of education as well as each individual school.

The duties of our school counsellor generally include:

  • Providing instruction on psychological and social issues. School counsellors provide information to learners about bullying or offer advice on study skills.
  • Vocational guidance. Many school counsellors help learners prepare for college or assist with selecting careers.
  • Counselling. School counsellors often help learners mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers or parents. Many school counsellors also provide therapy and counselling services to learners during school hours.
  • Early intervention. School counsellors receive training about learning difficulties and psychological concerns that commonly manifest in children and adolescents. They may also provide referrals, recommendations and education to parents about mental health concerns.


Furthermore, our counsellor often helps learners with the following:

  • Maintaining academic standards and setting of goals for academic success.
  • Developing skills to improve organization, study habits and time management.
  • Working through personal problems that may affect academics or relationships.
  • Improving social skills.
  • Coping with school or community-related violence, accidents and trauma.
  • Identify interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Our counsellors also offers individual counselling to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems