Mrs Isabella Mellet


A little bit about me…

I obtained my Art degree in 1987 at the University of Pretoria. For the first six years I happily taught at Hoerskool  Voortrekkerhoogte.

There after I joined Pro Arte Alphen Park where I have been teaching wonderful artistic students for more than two decades. As a wife – I have learned you do not find a happy life you make it with a special partner

As a mom  – experience taught me that the whole universe is inside you being with your children. They taught me to do things with kindness, I teach them to have integrity and love.

I am a  teacher that practice and teach; “Just do it, you don’t have to make perfect to be beautiful or incredible”  I love students who can make a plan to rather “do something” than not. I attempt to send children into the world, being kind and having courage, it’s tough to beat a person who never gives up.

The secret of life is to know, whatever you are or do, be a good one. In teaching it is important to have a soft heart and be quick to forgive. Interesting people rather than beautiful people attracts me. I dream of Italy and one of these days I will be a “professional” sea-swimmer and traveler.

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