It’s an exciting Saturday early February and our local primary school children apply to do a music audition. They have been brought up on a culture of MTV kwaito Hollywood. With stars in their eyes they come to Pro Arte thinking we will make them into the
next Beyonce or 50Cent.

Pro Arte music department does not encourage this but rather takes this raw talent and moulds them into solid musicians. Creation is based on sound and has a history from the beginning of time. Impossible to acquire all this information, the music department
nurtures the young musicians in very specific topics to develop necessary skills for a future career if so chosen.

Grade 8 and 9 learners are taught basic music reading and writing – i.e. music theory. More importantly these 2 years are spent acquiring the practical experience through their chosen Instruments. Pro Arte music department offers voice, piano, drum-kit, saxophone, recorder, flute, violin, cello, guitar and more. Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners acquire even more knowledge in their respective instruments so that they become tiny masters who can perform in font of audiences with confidence.

Our staff are professional performers who guide children in western classical music – all styles starting from the 1600-2019. Alongside the practical, grade 10, 11 and 12 learners are further developed in the following subjects: aural training, music theory, composition
and history of music.

The goal of the music department is to give young musicians the opportunity to extend  their skills, nurture their talents, guide them to become performers, make them efficient in their chosen instruments and guide them in the discipline that it takes to use that expertise.

Music goes beyond Beyonce and Tupak! Careers in music follow a variety of possibilities; besides being a stage performer, young adults can think of studying sound engineering, composition, movie composition, music law, song writing, music business and tour  managers, music agents, education, instrument building to just name a few. Pro Arte music department nurtures young artists to choose any of these.

The Music Department of Pro Arte Alphen Park is a small, but busy department, and most of the time a performance or concert is happening somewhere, or is in the pipeline.


Auditions for acceptance into the Music Department are held throughout the year – please make an appointment with the Head of Department.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • For grade 8: One instrument on at least grade 1 level 1 , Music Theory on grade 1 level. Must be able to read and write music!
  • For grade 9: One instrument on at least grade 2 level, Music Theory on grade 2 level.
  • For grade 10: One instrument on at least grade 4 level, a second instrument on at least grade 3 level, Music Theory on at least grade 3 level.
  • For grade 11: One instrument on at least grade 5 level, a second instrument on at least grade 4 level, Music Theory on at least grade 4 level.
  • 1 Refer to the standards set by the external examining bodies of UNISA, Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music or Trinity Guildhall.


  • Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. MARTIN LUTHER
  • Where words fail, music speaks

Martie Jv Vuuren