The Hospitality Department at Pro Arte Alphen Park was established when the school started in 1994. For many years Pro Arte Alphen Park has been acting as a pilot school for Hospitality Studies.

Our aim is to cultivate learners with a sound academic background coupled with the necessary practical skills in both the kitchen and restaurant. We maintain a high professional standard and many learners have been employed in the industry soon after leaving school.

Our kitchens are well equipped with stainless steel work surfaces and gas stoves, like those used in the industry. We maintain close contact with the industry as well as training institutions, because we would like our learners to have the edge.

Apart from running a restaurant during the term, our learners also cater for and serve at school functions such as the Valediction function for the Grade 12’s and the Junior Merit function. Working on a large scale, catering for 200 or more people, equips the learners with additional skills required by the industry. It equips them to become entrepreneurs.

Corporate companies require the services of learners as chefs or waiters on a regular basis. These are not only great opportunities to earn some pocket money, but also to practice the acquired skills in a real-life situation.

A fun, interschool chef’s competition for schools in and around Pretoria, is held at our school annually. Learners take part in teams of two and they prepare a three-course meal from a mystery basket of ingredients revealed to them on the day of the competition.

Tourism is a division of the Hospitality Department. Many learners combine Tourism and Hospitality Studies to acquire a well-rounded course of the hospitality industry, as destination marketing and service delivery form part of the curriculum. As part of the Travel and Tourism experience, learners are taken on tours and camps to expand their frame of reference and expose them to the idea of domestic tourism. We have been to the Western Cape, Pilansberg, Sun City and Durban. These tours demonstrate the close link between the tourism and the hospitality industry.


  • “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” MARCEL BOULESTIN

Mrs Martha Kok